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Discover mixedbread.ai — Join us on our quest to revolutionize the field of information retrieval and build the next generation of search.

At mixedbread ai, we strive to provide our customers with the technology they need to deliver a next-generation search experience to their users. Our efforts are focused on the topic of neural search - it's our vision to create a world in which the most relevant information is always at the user's fingertips! We believe that this is of utmost importance in a society overflowing with copious amounts of information, which is why we put our research efforts first until we solved the problem. We're committed to pushing for progress in the information retrieval space in all modalities by enabling the community to use and experiment with our top-of-the-line open source models. To that end, we're active both in providing excellent open source options in more well-explored spaces as well as moving the ball forward on completely new concepts and architectures.

Bringing our research to your organization

  • APIs: Crafted for seamless integration, enabling neural search for your systems.
  • Personalized AI: Custom fine-tuning to achieve optimal performance for your specific use cases.

Enjoy the present: We have already released innovative and strong solutions in the more traditional embedding generation and reranking spaces and advanced the open-source space with our contributions regarding the 2D-Matryoshka and ColBERT architectures as well as (binary) quantization.

Anticipate the future: Our roadmap includes a range of multi-lingual and multi-modal options, classification solutions, and other ideas. We will provide the right tooling needed to use neural search in production and at scale.

Created from collaboration and innovation

The story of mixedbread.ai began in the corridors of Google, where we first developed a shared vision to realize the potential of domain specific neural search. Dealing with the complexities of AI infrastructure and training led us to: mixedbread.ai.

Transforming RAG & search pipelines

Our mission is not just to provide access to information retrieval technology; instead, we want to truly change the field. Along this path, we stand ready to help businesses create and elevate their very own Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and search pipelines with our tailored solutions.


At mixedbread ai, we aim to provide a space of opportunity for our team, where everyone is both encouraged and enabled to make a real difference, realize their potential, and grow personally as well as professionally. Innovation, respect, and drive are at the core of our culture - but in the end, we're all here to have a great time together and do something that really matters!


In recent months, we have received a lot of encouragement: from our models performing at the very top of the open-source space in many areas, the enthusiastic response to our research from the community and industry, and our collaborations with players like Hugging Face. Now and in the future, this motivates us to push even harder towards real innovation and to go above and beyond with our work.


At mixedbread, the development of AI is more than technological advancement; it's a commitment to ethical responsibility. We're crafting a future where AI not only leads in innovation but also in its positive impact on society.

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