Welcome to the mixedbread API! 🚀

What's inside? 🔍

We've packed this guide with everything you need to start harnessing the power of our API:

  • Endpoint Details: We'll walk you through each API endpoint, covering URIs, request methods, parameters, and response formats.

  • Code Examples: We've got you covered with practical examples in multiple programming languages. See how to make requests and handle responses like a professional.

  • Authentication Guidelines: Learn how to securely authenticate your API requests using your API key.

  • Rate Limiting: Understand the rate limits for each endpoint so you can plan your API usage accordingly.

  • Error Handling: We'll break down possible error codes and their meanings, so you can troubleshoot with confidence.

  • SDKs & Integrations: Our SDKs and integrations make incorporating the API into your projects a breeze. Check out the links and get started smoothly.

Quick start guide

Follow these simple steps to start creating and managing embeddings with our API in no time:

Step 1: Create an API key 🔑

Head over to your and generate an API key for your project. Keep this key handy, as you'll need it for all your API requests.

Step 2: Install an SDK or prepare for direct API calls 📦

Pick your favorite programming language and install the corresponding SDK if available. We've got options for every dev's taste! to learn more. If you prefer making direct API calls, make sure you have the necessary tools (like cURL or Postman).

Step 3: Make your first API request 🚀

Let's try out the API! Use the SDK or send a direct HTTP request to make your first call. Start with something simple like creating an embedding to get a feel for how it all works.

Need a hand? 🙋

If you've got questions or need some guidance, we're here for you! or . We're always excited to help you get started and tackle any challenges that come up.

So what are you waiting for? Start your mixedbread adventure today! 🍞