SDKs 🛠️

Our Python and JavaScript/TypeScript SDKs make integrating with the API a breeze. Open-source and available on GitHub, these SDKs are just a pip install or npm install away from enhancing your development experience!

Python SDK 🐍

  • Installation: Run pip install mixedbread-ai
  • Repository:

JavaScript/TypeScript SDK 🌐

  • Installation: Run npm install @mixedbread-ai/sdk
  • Repository:

OpenAI SDKs Compatibility 🤝

Good news! Our Embeddings API is compatible with OpenAI SDKs. You can use these SDKs to interact with our API, but keep in mind that some mixedbread-exclusive features may not be available.

Need another language?

If you're looking for an SDK in another language, ! We're always interested in expanding our offerings to make your development process smoother. Let's discuss how we can support your needs!